About Fast Passports & Visas

With Fast Passports & Visas, there is no need to travel to and wait in line at Embassies, Consulates, or the Passport Agency.

At Fast Passports & Visas, our mission is to get your passport or visa documents back to you as soon as possible. Your need to travel is urgent and the process of applying for either a passport or visa can be quite complex, with no room for errors. We only use the most reliable professionals to assist in this sensitive task. With a firm commitment to performance, service and integrity, Fast Passports & Visas specializes in delivering your product in the timely fashion that your travel demands.

Experience Processing US Passports & Travel Visas

Fast Passports & Visas has over 30 years of experience in the expediting business. Our trained team is available to provide you with you up to the minute changes, requirements and current application forms.

Quality Passport & Visa Processing Service

At Fast Passports & Visas, there is a firm commitment to quality of service. We strive to ensure that our client’s application process is as easy as possible. Nothing is more important than our integrity. In addition to maintaining the strictest levels of privacy and disclosure.  Fast Passports & Visas believes firmly in going above and beyond the industry standards for privacy compliance.

Passport & Visa Processing Performance

As a nationwide governmental document specialist, Fast Passports & Visas represents your best interests before, during and after you submit your application. Much work as gone into our Website to make your transaction painless. If you need help during the application process we are here to assist you. Our goal is to assure your passport or visa is in your hands on time, as well as to provide you with a problem free experience. We strive to serve you and provide the best service of any expeditor in the USA.

Commitment | Travel Visas & US Passports

Fast Passports & Visas believes in the value of excellence. We pledge to do our best to ensure that you get your documents ASAP. After your experience with us, we encourage you to tell others about us for all their Passport and Visa needs.
With a firm commitment to performance, service and integrity, Fast Passports & Visas specializes in delivering your passport and/or travel visa in a timely fashion that your travel demands.

How Fast Passports & Visas Can Help You:

Connecting Countries

Wherever your business or pleasure may take you, Fast Passports & Visas is here to assist you with your travel needs.

Easing The Process

Avoid errors with applications, and unnecessary trips to embassies and consulates. Know that you will get your travel documents processed and returned in time for your trip.

Doing So Securely

Fast Passports & Visas upholds the highest level of security when handling your sensitive documents and information. Our internal processes have been developed to ensure your private data is always protected

Making it Happen

Fast Passports & Visas’ team is experienced with the time sensitivities presented by our client’s demanding travel needs. We will do everything we can to assist your travel needs.