Visa Types
The Republic of Azerbaijan issues 2 types of visas – entry and transit visas – to foreigners and stateless people.
1. Entry visa;
– A single- entry visa allows only one entry-exit to the country within this period.
– A multiple entry visa is valid for 2 years. This visa type allows a person to enter and exit the country several times within relevant period.
A period of staying in the country is limited by a validity period of a visa. A visa becomes invalid if it is not used during its validity period.
2. A single-entry and a double-entry transit visas are issued to foreigners and stateless persons who pass through the Republic of Azerbaijan to a destination outside Azerbaijan. Validity period of a transit visa is 30 days, while staying period in the country is 5 days. Transit visas are granted on the basis of circumstances of a particular transit itinerary, use of air, water, railway and other types of transport means and for a necessary period of time.
Foreigners and stateless persons may obtain ordinary entry visas if they come to the country for the following purposes:
– Official
– Business
– Science and education
– Labor
– Tourism
– Culture and sport
– Humanitarian
– Personal travel
– Medical treatment
Diplomatic or service category entry visas are issued to persons who come to the country for official purposes.
For the attention of foreigners and stateless persons who want to be engaged in labor activity!
Diplomatic missions and consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan issue ordinary single entry visa to foreigners and stateless persons who want to travel to the Republic of Azerbaijan for the purpose of labor activity.
In accordance with N 214 Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On the approval of the rules of individual permission for paid labor activity of foreigners in the Republic of Azerbaijan and a validated copy of an individual permission” dated December 06, 2000, foreigners and stateless persons can apply to appropriate state authorities following their visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan with the aim of getting an individual permission for labor activity.

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