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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires that citizens of foreign countries obtain a visa to enter.  The Saudi Arabian Consulate General will determine the duration of stay upon receiving an application.  The types and categories differ according to the purpose of visit, length of stay and respective arrangement with the country of the foreign national.  Below are different types of visas issued by the Consulate of Saudi Arabia.
Business Visa 
Business visas are issued to: businessmen, investors, representatives of U.S. companies, managers, sales managers, sales representatives, etc.  This visa will allow you to make short term visits for business discussions, meetings, training events.
Commercial Visa 
Commercial visas are issued to: businessmen, investors, representatives of U.S. companies, managers, sales managers, sales representatives, etc.
Employment Visa
Employment visas are issued to: Contract employees
Family Visit Visa
Family visit visas do not grant the applicant the right to work or reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Residency Visa
Issued to visitors wanting to live in Saudi Arabia, such as wives and children of current residents or those currently working in the Kingdom
*From October 14 2015, another resident ID card called the Muqueem will supplant the Iqama. This will give work and residency authorization. It is expected to be electronically renewable with a validity of 5 years.
Work Visa 
Work visit visas are issued to: Non-contract employees.
Other Considerations for Saudi visas:
Immigration reserves the right restrict entry into Saudi Arabia for certain people. These include travelers with connections to Israel and the individuals who don’t agree to Saudi regulations, including traditions of conduct and dress.
It is fundamental to note that all business in Saudi Arabia is led by Islamic date-book, which is days shorter than the Gregorian schedule that most Westerners are accustom to. This is additionally the case for the general length of the visa. It is imperative that guests understand when they are required to leave Saudi Arabia in that exceeding the visa for as little as 24 hours could have serious consequences.
Women Expats
Ladies anticipating travel to Saudi Arabia must observe certain extra prerequisites, which may appear to be somewhat extreme.  It is mandatory that Women landing in the Kingdom be met by their sponsor at the air terminal, otherwise issues may arise upon entry.
Leaving Saudi Arabia
One must remember that there are confinements and regulations that identify with leaving Saudi Arabia. Women who have plans to reside permanently in Saudi Arabia ought to be mindful that if living as an individual from a Saudi family unit, for instance wedding a Saudi man or having a Saudi father, she will require the consent of the Saudi male leader of the family to leave the nation.
This is additionally holds true for non-Saudi workers in connection to their employers. One can’t leave the nation without a exit visa requiring the employers signature; and the business as a rule holds the laborer’s passport. On the off chance that one wishes to change employers then they will again require the authorization of their previous employer.

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