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Qatar Business Visa – Indian Nationality:

  • A) Applicant’s Passport: original, undamaged, and must valid for at least another 6 months beyond intended stay.
    • Foreign nationals residing in the USA also need to show Permanent Resident Card (the Green Card)
  • B) Visa Application Form: Fully completed and signed. Applications will not be accepted if they are not typed. If any spaces are not used they must be filled with N/A. The consulate will reject applications that are not fully completed.

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  • C) Photograph: 2 Passport-type photographs required. The consulate will only accept actual 2×2 passport type photographs from a reputable source, i.e. Kinko’s, Walgreens, CVS, etc. Photos printed at home or from an office printer will not be accepted under any circumstances. Photos that are sent in invalid format will be rejected and will cause a delay in submission at the traveler’s expense.


  • D) Business Letter: is required, and must be typed on your companies letter head and addressed to: Embassy of Qatar, Washington D.C.
    • Name of traveler
    • Exact dates of travel
    • Contact name, address and phone number of the inviting individual/organization in Qatar
    • Purpose of business visit to Qatar
    • Financial guarantee of traveler’s expenses to and from Qatar

Template For Business Letter

  • E) Letter of Invitation: Letter of Invitation from host company in Qatar.
    • Must state reason for visit

Template For Invitation Letter

  • F) US Agency Letter:
    • Applicants working under contract for a US government project must submit a letter from the US Department of State, sending department, or agency, addressed to “Embassy of Qatar, Washington D.C. “, explaining purpose of travel, duration of stay, and dates of the trip. The letter must contain the applicant’s name and the passport number. This letter is in addition to the business letter from the applicant’s company.

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