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Iran requires that citizens of most countries obtain a visa to enter.  The Iranian Consulate General will determine the duration of stay upon receiving an application.  The types and categories differ according to the purpose of visit, length of stay and respective arrangement with the country of the foreign national.

Business Visa

Business visa are required by foreign nationals who wish to travel to Iran for economic, commercial, cultural or industrial purposes like trade negotiations, participation in conferences (economic, cultural, etc.), work related issues, or for sports activities. The authorized stay for an Iranian business visa is usually up to 30 days.

Tourist Visa

A Tourist visa is required by foreign nationals who wish to travel for sightseeing, visiting their friends or family. Iran tourist visa is valid for 3 months from the time of issuing, that during this time you should travel to Iran, and can stay for about 30 days

Pilgrimage Visa

A Pilgrimage visa is foreign Muslim pilgrims who wish to visit the sacred sights and shrines of Iran.

Student Visa

A Student visa is required by all foreign nationals who plan to study in educational institutes or universities. This visa will be issued after being authorized by the Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education or the International Center of Islamic Science.

Work Permit

A Work permit visa is required by all foreign nationals who want to work in Iran. It’s necessary that the company you are going to work for must obtain your work permit before you can apply for a work permit visa.

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