India Tourist Visa

India Tourist Visa – U.S. Citizens

  • A) Applicant’s Passport: original, undamaged, and valid for at least another 6 months.
  • B) Visa Application Form: Visa application form please download, complete, print and sign India visa application
    • Important: The visa application must be signed in 2 places:
      • In the box located under applicants picture
        • Must Not have any part of the signature outside the box
      • On the bottom of the second page
    • Must select ILS HOUSTON for the Indian Mission

Fill Out Application Here

  • C) Photograph: one recent, clear, front view, in color, professional 2″x2″ passport photo of the applicant with a plain white or off-white  background. (Photo must be taken without glasses)


  • D) Itinerary: copy of your round-trip ticket, reservation, or letter from a travel agency under applicant’s name, listing flight number and arrival/departure dates and reservation code provided by the airline/cruise company;
  • E) Personal Particulars Form:  Complete, print, and sign (both parents must sign if applicant is a minor).

India Personal Particular Form

Disclaimer Form

  • G) Copy of Driver’s License: copy of front and back of driver’s license


  • H) Both parents must sign the minor’s application. (The Minor Applicant does not sign the application.)
    • Signatures must be notarized
  • I) Notarized copy of applicants birth certificate
  • J)   Parental Authorization Form must be completed, signed by both parents and notarized.

Parental Authorization Form

  • K) Copy of both parents passports
    • If parents do not have passports then a copy of parents birth certificate or naturalization documents


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